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Xbc-30PC Mechanical Four-Layer Electric Steamer Electric Hot Pot Electric Wok 304 Steaming Pieces

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Our 30 square electric boiler adopts advanced manufacturing process and technology to ensure product quality and performance. The product has the following features:
1. Large capacity design: 4L to 20L capacity can meet the needs of families or small dining places for large quantities of food cooking;
2. Fast heating technology: built-in efficient heating element, can quickly heat up and heat evenly, shorten cooking time;
3. Multi-functional options: In addition to the conventional cooking function, we also provide a variety of different cooking modes, such as soup, meat stew, etc., convenient for users to operate according to different needs;
4. Safety protection device: The product is equipped with multiple safety protection measures, including overheating protection, leakage protection and anti-dry burning protection, etc., to ensure safety during use;
5. The appearance design is simple and generous: the product adopts a modern appearance design, simple and fashionable, and complements various home styles.

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Guangdong new Bocheng Electric Co., Ltd. production of 30 square electric steamer is an efficient, intelligent kitchen electrical products. It uses advanced electromagnetic heating technology to heat food quickly and evenly, making ingredients more tender and delicious.

The electric steamer has a large capacity and can hold several standard sized bowls or plates for cooking at the same time. Its unique design allows the steam to quickly spread throughout the interior space, ensuring that every bite of food is fully steam protected and heated. In addition, it is equipped with a number of different cooking modes, which can be selected according to different types of ingredients, to meet the diversified cooking needs of users.

The electric steamer also has safety protection functions, such as overheat protection, leakage protection and timed shutdown, so that users can feel more at ease during use. At the same time, it is also made of high temperature resistant materials, can withstand a long time of high temperature cooking, to ensure food safety and health.

In general, Guangdong new Bocheng Electric Co., Ltd. 30 square electric steamer is a powerful, stable performance of the kitchen weapon! Whether it is a housewife or a professional chef, it is easy to use this product to bring delicious and healthy meals to the enjoyment of family and guests.


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