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XBC- Multi-function insulated electric steamer with four small sauces

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Guangdong Xinbocheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the development and production of high-quality household kitchen appliances. We launched this product is a multi-functional intelligent electric steamer, it can meet your daily cooking needs, make your kitchen life more convenient and comfortable.
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Guangdong new Bocheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. launched with four small stew cup multi-functional stewing electric steamer is a set of a variety of functions in one kitchen appliances. It uses advanced water separation technology, can realize a variety of cooking methods such as stewing, steaming, boiling, etc., to meet the needs of different dishes.

First of all, this product uses a multi-layer water insulation design to completely separate the food from the steam, ensuring that the nutrition of the food is not lost, and the taste is more delicious. At the same time, it also has an intelligent temperature control function, which can be precise temperature control according to different ingredients and cooking needs to ensure the taste and quality of food.

Secondly, the product's four small stew cup design is convenient for users to choose different capacities according to needs, suitable for family or personal use. Each small stew pot is equipped with an independent heater and control panel, which can be cooked independently, greatly improving the convenience of use.

In addition, the electric steamer is also equipped with a timing function, so that users can set the cooking time according to their needs to avoid overcooking resulting in spoiled or overcooked food. At the same time, it also has an automatic heat preservation function after cooking

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